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The Elements: 2016 Residency cycle at Krowswork

  • Krowswork Oakland (map)

This cycle of residencies is preceded by two Prelude exhibitions: Divine Invasions and The Fates, both of which are about a preparation of the space for a rising feminine energy (regardless of gender identification) to emerge and expand.

The shape of this residency cyle is the triangle, and specifically a double triangle whose points are: Sanctuary, Body, Altar, Transmission.

My recent fascination with the double triangle emerged from a few sources: the alchemical female symbol, the Crow Mother kachina in the Hopi universe, and a statement by Sonya Rapoport (1923-2015) that accompanied her residency at Krowswork last year that ended the 2015 cycle.*

The residents for the cycle, with three artist in the space at a time, each in her own room, and each of whom has a unique understanding of these three words that both define and defy spatial boundaries: body (corporeal), sanctuary (social), altar (spiritual). Plus there will be a "transmission" by a fourth artist that will be broadcast as a channel and reference point to that which is outside of physical space and is now perpetually informing us.

AIR (Mother Tongue): June 6- July 9: Minnette Lehmann, Zina al-Shukri, Sarah Biscarra Dilley; transmission: Eddy Falconer

EARTH (Material Labor): July 11-August 13: Margaret Fabrizio, Miriam Dym, Leisel Whitlock; transmission: Johanna Poethig

FIRE (Heart Separation): August 15-September 10: Margo Majewska, Hagit Cohen, Sholeh Asgary; transmission: Christina McPhee

WATER (Blind Passage): September 12-October 15: Sylvia Fein, Cara Levine, Simone Bailey; transmission: Nina Zurier

Later Event: December 17
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