Leisel Whitlock is a multi-media artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Raised in New Orleans, much of her recent work comes from a perpetual search for consciousness and understanding.  Whitlock's work spans a media that includes video, audio, still photography, installation, sculpture, and text. She studied at the Welch School of Art & Design, in Atlanta, GA, and has an M.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.



American Pitch

American Pitch began taking shape during an earlier project photographing rural communities in Louisiana’s lower Mississippi River Delta.  Among the narratives which inspired the ongoing series are those of generations of women in my family, from my great-great-grandmother to me, and our experiences confronting white supremacy. Often these narratives are unspoken, hidden, or embedded in objects or places. Materials used in this work can include various elements, such as, ordinary furniture, plaster, rubber, metal, clay and acrylic.

Krowswork Residency July 11-Aug 13 2016


The structure of this residency is an acknowledgment of the value of "a higher-level, more complex thing [that] incorporates contradictions" -- in other words, a space that is both appropriate to this incredibly complex moment in historico-spiritual time and one that I feel is already intuitively understood and held by women.


The 2016 Krowswork Residency program presents four month-long cycles of three artists in the space at a time, plus a video by a fourth artist shown in the gallery as well as streamed online



2017    Arternative Facts, The Road Gallery, New York NY

 Sacrifice Zones, Arthouse Gallery, Sacramento CA

2016    FU In the Most Loving Way, Arc Gallery, San Francisco CA

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            The Elements, 2016 Residency Cycle at Krowswork

 Curator, ArtTag- Inspire, Village Theatre Art Gallery, Danville CA

2015    A Change is Gonna Come, Augusta Savage Gallery UMASS Amherst , Amherst MA

            12, Warehouse 416, Oakland CA    

2014     Framework, Faultlines Art Space, Oakland, CA

2013     Let’s Talk About Love Baby, Printed Matter, New York NY

2007    A Natural Order:Artists Exploring Artifice and the Organic, Claypool-Young Gallery Moorehead State University, KY

2003    The Others, Gallery 1926, Chicago IL

             Transit, Ogilvie Transportation Center, Chicago IL